President's Message

Welcome to Fellowship Baptist College! A school which is not only concerned with granting quality education, but also tries to instill and develop quality Christian lives among its scope.

There are three basic aspects which interplay in a man"s being – equipping him to be versatile at the face of the sunniest and gloomiest circumstances and to be adaptable on any soil he steps upon –be it here or abroad.

These are the superiority of skills his hands and mind reflects, the excellence of character inculcated in his persona and the quality of spirituality enwrapping the totality of his being.

These are the aspects the school wants to develop in each one who enters the portals of FBC.

It is one of the school"s vision to produce such individuals that are competent; whether be placed locally or globally. The sort of individuals that will not only bring prestige to this school but also bring glory to the Master Above – the only strong rope which binds this school from falling apart despite the test of time, testings and travails.

We owe the existence of this institution to the Almighty; our Great Provider, to the faith of our forefathers; the founders of this school, to the school"s teachers and staff; for their utmost loyalty despite many intriguing odds, and to your students; for always believing in this school"s mission and visions.

It takes people like you continue on bringing into life an institution such as this.

Indeed, FBC will always bear in mind its principle of not paying much concern of its income, but of the outcome of its students.

We pray that your stay here in Fellowship Baptist College will be memoir worth cherishing and being proud of!

Our most heartfelt thank you to all of you!


Fellowship Baptist College

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